The process

The Art of Bespoke Jewellery

Every piece of jewellery tells a story, to design your own story is the pursuit of all artists. We take great pride in all of our bespoke pieces. Whether we are remodelling an existing piece of jewellery, or we are bringing your jewellery dreams to life. From consultation to completion; we will keep you in the heart of the process and journey, to create a beautiful bespoke piece, just for you. 


The Consultation

Our bespoke process begins with a consultation, so we can fully understand your desires for your piece of jewellery.

You might be a little unsure of what you are looking for, or perhaps you know exactly what you would like. Either way, we will be on hand to offer any guidance and answer any questions you might have. 

Bespoke sketch of an engagement ring.


The Sketch

Once we understand what you are looking for, in the design of your bespoke piece, we can begin with the sketch.

We use the sketch, to refine ideas discussed in the initial consultation. This brings your jewellery dreams and visions to life and enables you to see, an artistic representation of your ideas.

Bespoke CAD model trilogy rings in yellow and white metal.


The CAD Model

Once the sketch has been approved and signed-off, we move onto the next part of the process: the CAD model.

Using the sketched design, we create a 3D computer model of your new piece. The precision and accuracy of 3D modelling, requires certain parameters to be met, to ensure the manufacturing of your design is built correctly. The 3D model gives you an overall insight and allows you the chance to be able to digitally see, a visual representation of your design, from all angles.


The Production

The truly exciting part begins! The start of the production and manufacture of your bespoke piece, is a step closer to the final result.

We initially create wax moulds from the earlier CAD design, to give you a physical representation of your design. Once the design has been checked over, we create your bespoke piece with great detail and care. Your unique piece is created and cast.

White Gold diamond teardrop pendant.


Setting & Finishing

The stone setting and finishing, is the final stage of your bespoke process and journey. 

Final fabrication includes filing and assembly of all individual parts and components of your design. We take immense care, with setting any stones into your cast jewellery piece. They can either be existing stones from your own collection or we can source stones for you. The piece is then finished off by being filed down and polished, with final checks and inspections made for precision and quality.

Your new unique creation is complete!

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