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Keeping your precious jewellery in tip-top condition is vital, for ensuring it lasts a lifetime, to become a treasured heirloom within your family. 

We offer a range of extensive repairs, from soldering broken jewellery, replacing stones to cleaning and polishing. Take a look through our services in more detail. If you'd like to find out more information regarding these services, or if you have a repair that is not listed and you have any questions, please let us know via the enquiry form below.

Variety of chain link designs in gold and silver.


Jewellery Soldering

If the links in your bracelets, anklets and chains are broken or split. We are able to rejoin and solder both hollow and solid design links, in: sterling silver, gold and platinum. 

We can solder charms onto your bracelets, jump rings on pendants and safety chains onto your desired piece of jewellery, to increase your confidence in wearing them. 

We offer specialist laser welding and soldering for delicate, vintage and antique jewellery. Laser soldering, allows us to repair delicate settings or settings which include heat-sensitive stones, without needing to remove any stones. It also allow us the ability to localise repairs, to only the required area, in order to preserve the quality and condition of vintage and antique items of jewellery. 

stone care

Replacement Stones

If you lose a stone in your jewellery, it can be an upsetting occurrence. We understand pieces hold a sentimental value, so we offer the utmost care and consideration with our stone setting service.

We have the ability to source and replace a wide variety of stones in different sizes and shapes, whilst ensuring any remaining stones aren't affected by the replacement.

Colour, is a very important factor when either matching stones or when sourcing a new stone. We pay close attention to the hue (the overall body colour), the tone (how light or dark the stone is) and the saturation (how intense the colour is). 


Claw Adjustments & Repairs

If your jewellery piece is suddenly snagging on your clothing threads, feeling rough to the touch or making a rattling noise, it could be a sign the claws need looking at. The claws are an essential part of keeping any stones in place, so making sure that they're tight and in good condition, is vital.

We will take a look and see if your piece requires a whole new claw adding, or tighten them up, securing the stone in place, and also re-tipping and re-building the metal on the claws.

If you have a high set ring, and realise that it is misshapen, we can reshape these rings. This occurs because it is a common habit when taking your rings on and off, to place your thumb at the base of the band and to place your index or middle finger, over the top of the ring - and to rock the ring. This rocking motion is what distorts the ring. To avoid this, take your ring on and off, by placing your fingers either side of the band and wiggling it from side to side. 

Model wearing diamond solitaire with shoulders engagement rings and holding a sealed enevelope.

Size alterations

Ring Resizing

If you have a stunning new engagement ring that doesn't quite fit right, or maybe you've inherited a family heirloom that's a little too loose, we can provide seamless adjustments.

We can alter most rings to be larger or smaller, but any adjustments are made with great care and attention to detail.

We also understand being apart from your jewellery can be an anxious time, so we aim to get it back to you, as soon as we can.


Cleaning, Polishing & Plating

Cleaning up your jewellery can make it look brand new again and get that original sparkle back.

Pieces of dirt, oil and dust are naturally going to stick to your jewellery and, over time, this can dull its beauty. We at Lewins can clean and polish your jewellery up in a safe and effective way. So, whilst taking great care, we can get it looking as good as new!

We can also use Rhodium plating to restore the surface of your jewellery. Rhodium plating is a strong white surface which can also act as a protective barrier, shielding your jewellery from scratches and scuffs, whilst producing a higher sheen to your jewellery.

Akoya and Tahitian pearls on a mother of pearl iridescent lined shell.

Plain, Knotted & GRADUATED

Restringing Pearls & Beads

If you have loose pearls, gemstones or amber beads that are the same size or are of different sizes, we provide our stringing expertise to create, either consistent or graduated designs. 

Using traditional methods of working with silk thread, your bracelets and necklaces can be strung, plain or knotted. Knotting prevents beads from rubbing together and damaging their outer surface. This is particularly important for cultured pearls, as the nacre overlying the pearl is very soft. If the thread would break, knotting avoids the risk of losing all your beads, as it only allows one bead to fall off.   

We can supply a variety of replacement clasps, from the traditional pearl clasps to lobster and magnetic clasps, that are made from base metal, sterling silver or gold. 

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The Jewellery Workshop provides a full range of jewellery repairs and services. Jewellery is to be worn, and the more we wear our jewellery, the more likely it will be in need of some restoration. To find information about the repair you need, use our workshop finder, to view the most common repairs associated with your items of jewellery. Click on the cards to see the messages and notes from the workshop, explaining each repair.

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If you'd like to find out more about our Jewellery maintenance services, please fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you. For the vast majority of repairs, we will be able to give you a full quotation in-store, before your item is sent via insured post to our secure workshop. On occasions where it is required, we can send it for a free quotation, to our workshop. Quotations provided online, are estimates only and subject to us physically seeing the item of jewellery.