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“Time never stops, even if the watch does”

If you have invested in a luxury timepiece, you will want it to last a lifetime. With many intricate internal systems and moving parts, watches need to be maintained and serviced every few years.

Our Watch Workshop offers a wide range of repairing, maintenance and cleaning services, completed by professionals with the upmost attention to detail and care. If you'd like to find out more information regarding these services, or if you have any questions, please let us know via the enquiry form below.


Battery Replacement

Replacement batteries for quartz watches are a common requirement, for maintenance and upkeep. If your watch has stopped or is not keeping time, as well as it had previously, it might be an indication - that you will need a replacement battery. 

Our experts will test your current battery to check the condition and charge. After making sure the battery has no or little charge, we will ensure a swift change, that gets the watch working again. 

You will often find that the first battery in your watch will have lasted a long time, generally between three-five years. As your watch ages, the movement inside the watch will wear down and the watch will require more energy to run. Replacement batteries will therefore, expire more quickly and will last between one-two years. At Lewins, we guarantee all of our replacement batteries for twelve months. 

water resistant

Reseal & Pressure Testing

The majority of battery replacements are carried out in-store. On the exception that your battery will need to be resealed, it will need to be sent to our watch workshop. 

Water-resistant watches are required to be sealed at all entry points, hence sealing gaskets will be renewed on the glass, crown, watch frame and case back, to guarantee your watch works underwater. The water resistance of a watch varies between each manufacturer. Using specialised equipment, pressure testing is carried out to the watch manufacturers' individual specifications. 


Metal & Leather Straps

If you have been gifted a watch or, if you find that your watch feels just a bit too big and is freely moving around your wrist. Our watch specialist, will be able to provide an alteration service to most link based metal bracelet watches in-store, on the same day. 

We will measure your wrist for a comfortable fit, and remove the required links. All removed links will be returned to you. We offer a free strap re-sizing service, for all our watches that are purchased either online or in-store.

If your are looking to replace your leather strap, or looking to accessorise your watch, with a different coloured leather. We hold an array of genuine leather and vegan leather watch straps, in a wide range of colours and sizes. All watch straps can be fitted the same day. Different length spring bars are kept in stock, if a replacement is required. 

Mechanical insides of a watch.


Repairs & Services

Your timepiece will have many intricate moving parts that, much like a car, will need regular servicing to keep it in the best possible condition.

Automatic watches have a high amount of small moving parts, which can become covered in dirt and grime throughout the year and with regular use. This can cause issues with the performance of your watch.

As part of our watch servicing, we will dismantle the watch, clean and inspect each part, replacing as necessary. We will then reassemble your watch and use oil to lubricate the internal movements. Seal gaskets where necessary will be replaced and the timing will be checked and regulated periodically. All watch services are guaranteed for 12 months. 


Replacement Parts

Since there are a lot of different intricate elements to your timepiece, some parts might need some attention. We can offer a range of replacement parts and fittings to help.

The watch face protects the dial and inner components of your watch from being damaged and provides a barrier to dust, dirt and moisture - preventing the watch from deteriorating. If your watch face is heavily scratched or you have experienced a few accidental knocks and bumps, causing it to crack or break, you may require a new watch face. Our workshop provides both standard rounded shapes and shapes cut to fit, in three materials: “plexiglass”, “mineral glass” and “synthetic sapphire”.


Cleaning & Polishing

With everyday wear and tear, your watch might collect a few scratches and scuffs, or dust and grime. A professional polish can make your luxury watch, look as good as new, by removing these signs of wear.   

As part of the service, the case, bezel and bracelet of the watch will be detached and submerged into an ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaner uses high-frequency sound waves to remove 99.9% of all dirt and grease. 

Our service will give your watch an all-round clean and polish, resulting in the watch looking as close to brand new as possible.

Antique or modern

Timepiece Restoration

“Restoration is a skilled profession. You might even call it an art in its own right…”


If you have a vintage timepiece or you have a sentimental watch, that is in either a poor or damaged condition. Our workshop excels in its understanding, behind the traditional workings of horology and knowledge of watchmaking. Depending on the age of your watch, some parts may be able to be sourced and other components will have to be reproduced. To be able to restore your watch to its original style and appearance, both mechanical and cosmetic restoration will be required.

Our Watch Workshops are an authorised service centre for many brands, including: Omega, Longines, Tag Heuer, Rado and Tissot.

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Our Watch Workshop Services

If you'd like to find out more about our watch workshop services, please fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you. For the vast majority of services, we will be able to give you a full quotation in-store, before your item is sent via insured post, to our secure workshop. On occasions where it is required, we can send your watch for a full diagnostic test, to our workshop, to determine the service it requires. Quotations provided online, are estimates only and subject to us physically seeing the watch.