Evolution of 'The Lewins Crown'

Lewins Jewellers wanted to commemorate the establishment of their company with a visual mark.

They wanted this mark to represent, both the prestige and the luxury of the jewellery world. Jewellery, a universal language of adornment - had a rich heritage and long history, dating back to the ancient world.

At the time of 1934, this was something that had been excitedly explored and recorded. In 1922 (twelve years prior to the formation of Lewins Jewellers), the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun had enlightened the world. Together with the rich British history of jewellery worn by Kings and Queens, Lewins Jewellers believed that such powerful representation, could only be visualised in the design of a crown.

The design of ‘The Lewins Crown’; was created to symbolise the respect Lewins Jewellers had, for the history and heritage of the jewellery industry, it became a member of. Within the original design of ‘The Lewins Crown’, Lewins Jewellers wanted to portray the strong link to the five core values, they were building the foundation of their company on.

To serve our customers with Honesty.
To provide our customers with Quality.
To source our jewellery Responsibly.
To conduct our business with Integrity.
To establish a business that values Loyalty.

Five circles were added into the design, to represent these values.

Celebrating over eighty-five years of history in 2022 - Lewins Jewellers were inspired to take the original design of 'The Lewins Crown' and transform it, to reflect the companies evolution in the industry.

Lewins Jewellers wanted the modification of the original mark to communicate: the experience, history and establishment of a dynamic multi-faceted business.

Whilst holding true and in keeping of its original design, by symbolising the same values we continue to honour today. In the formative years of the business, Lewins Jewellers quickly became known as ‘Specialists in Diamonds’. An affirmation that became the turning point in the companies endeavour for individuality, in the experience and service, they were providing their customers with.

The original design of ‘The Lewins Crown’ has evolved into a faceted diamond pavilion with a multi-faceted crown. The five core values of the company, are now symbolised as the five faceted peaks of the crown.

This multi-faceted mark, explores the layers of the business that have been developed, progressed and grown, to form important and vital divisions of the business. These sectors have been categorised as: fine jewellery, antique jewellery, timepieces and accessories, repairs and services, and the science of gemmology and valuation. In recent years, the team at Lewins Jewellers have advanced to include qualified FGA and DGA Gemmologists.

In celebrating over eighty-five years of history, Lewins Jewellers wanted to symbolise not only the history and heritage of the business. Or its current evolution, but also the future aspirations of the industry.

In 2003, the Kimberley Process came into effect, to prevent the profit of diamonds from funding conflicts. The industry adapted to comply, meaning that manufactures and dealers, had to adhere to a ‘System of Warranties’ to enforce the Kimberley Process.

As we look to the future, Lewins Jewellers are committed to work hard and continue to grow, to develop, to evolve and re develop for a more ethical and sustainable future in jewellery. We continue to launch new designs and look to work with brands that have the same ethos and aspiration as ours.