Finding The Perfect Fit

Finding The Perfect Fit

There is about a 1mm difference between each whole letter ring size. Using our ‘Goldilocks Ring Rule’, we help you confidently find the happy medium, between a ring feeling a bit too tight or a bit too loose.

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Finding The Perfect Fit

How do I know I have picked the perfect ring size for me?

Don’t worry, you are not the only person to ask this question. When customers are being measured for their ring size in our store, this is the first question that always gets asked. As much as we can advise you on our opinion, it all comes down to how the ring feels on your finger. Your finger size changes and will change from: season to season, you will notice a difference in varying temperatures, personal factors such as lifestyle, if you are on any medication, your diet, if you are pregnant, if your hand has experienced trauma with a past accident. Even as we age, our bone structure in our fingers change. Whilst taking all of these factors into consideration, we have to find a happy medium and the best way to do this, is by using the ‘Goldilocks 3 Ring Rule’. 

There is about a 1mm difference between each whole letter size, which means that there is a very fine line, between a ring feeling a little bit too tight or too loose.

Rule 1: Too Small

Here are the signs if you feel like your ring is just a bit too tight:

  • If you feel like you are struggling too much to get the ring past your knuckle. 
  • If you are struggling to wiggle the ring, from side to side, to get the ring to glide to the bottom of your finger or back towards your knuckle. 
  • If taking your ring on or off, makes your finger go a bit pinkish. 
  • Once the ring is on your finger, if you feel it is gripping onto your finger a bit too much or once removed leaves a strong imprint. 
  • Or when you stretch your fingers or close/clench your hand, there is an uncomfortable tightness. 

If you get your ring stuck:

  • Don’t panic. Don’t pull hard on the ring, to go over your knuckle. Don’t tense your hand. 
  • Submerge your hand in cold water. (Why? The pressure of wearing a tight ring and the natural panicking of getting it stuck, has made your finger swell. The cold water will calm it down and make your finger contract). 
  • Apply a thin watery lotion to your hand. (Why? This will help the ring to slide off your finger). 
  • Then with your hand relaxed and not tense, begin to wiggle the ring off your finger. Once the ring has come off your finger, don’t try a different ring or size on. You finger has just experienced a minor trauma and you need to leave your hand to rest. Until the inflammation has gone down and you can no longer see any marks, of where the ring was stuck on your finger.

Rule 2: Too Big

Here are the signs if you feel like your ring is just a bit too big:

  • If you are able to glide your ring easily over your knuckle, without having to wiggle it. 
  • If your ring is moving along your finger, whilst moving your hand in the air or pointing it down towards the floor.
  • If your knuckle is not the widest part of your finger and the ring is constantly turning around your finger.  

Rule 3: Just Right

Here are the signs if you feel like your ring is the perfect size: 

  • If you are able to push the ring onto your finger and past your knuckle, without applying too much pressure and force. 
  • If you are able to wiggle the ring from side to side, off your relaxed finger and over your knuckle with a little bit of pressure applied (it feels like a slight struggle).

Tip: It is always going to feel easier to get the ring on your finger, then off your finger.