Jewellery Size Guide

Jewellery Size Guide

Our Lewins Jewellery Size Guide, provides a complete comprehensive guide, to finding the perfect fit for your new jewellery piece, whether that be a ring, necklace, bracelet or even earrings.

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We've included some vital information in our guide below, to help you find the perfect fit for your piece. Follow the links for further information and guidance.

Ring Size Guide


If you are planning to buy a ring for yourself or a loved one, but you are unsure of the ring size you require, we can help. You can either download and print off, a free printable ring size guide. Or you can purchase your very own personal ring gauge for life. Of course, we will be happy to assist you any way we can, so please feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have. 

There are so many methods used, to find the measurement of your finger and it is important to understand, that they are only guides. Whilst some are more accurate than others, there are a lot of factors that will affect the size of your finger and subsequently, the size your ring needs to be. Even though it is not rocket science, inaccurate ring size measurements can cause a lot of problems, so we like to call it …. jewellery science. 

For an accurate measurement, it is important to remember that ring sizing, is about the whole finger, not just the part where the ring sits on your finger.

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There are many different varieties of earring designs, for you to choose from. Below we have created guides, to help you with your purchase.

The Classic Hoop

Hoops come in a variety of different sizes, from as small as 7mm, too as big as 70mm, and even larger. To give you a visual guide of where different size hoop earrings could fall from your ear, we have created a template showcasing a range of sizes from 10 to 60mm. Every earring is measured in millimetres, along the inside diameter of the hoop. 

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Necklace size guide


Finding the desired length of a necklace and chain, depends on: achieving a comfortable fit, the desired style you want to achieve and if you are going to place a pendant on your chain. 

Remember chains (depending on their link design) will naturally want to fall to a u-shape, below your neck. However, if you are wearing a pendant on your chain, the weight of the pendant will pull the chain to sit at its furthest point, in a v-shape. When choosing the length of your chain, bear in mind the length of the pendant and how far you want your pendant to sit, below your neck.

To reveal your desired chain length at home, you will require a measuring tape. Position the measuring tap around the base of your neck (the widest part), where your shirt collar would normally rest. Measure your neck size in inches. Increase your neck measurement by 2 inches and then round up or down to the nearest even number. The resulting measurement will give you the shortest chain length, that will sit comfortably around your neck. Example: A neck is measured at 17", if we add 2” this would be 19" and then we round up to the nearest even number. A 20" chain will be the shortest length, to sit comfortably around this neck.

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To help you find the length your bracelet needs to be, we have created guides to either measure your exiting bracelet or measure your wrist. 

To reveal your bracelet size, unclasp an existing bracelet and straightly position it, against the downloadable ruler. If the existing bracelet has a bolt ring or lobster clasp, then include the clasp, into the overall measurement of the bracelet. If the existing bracelet has a box and catch clasp, then only include the box and not the catch component, into the overall measurement of the bracelet.

To reveal your wrist size, cut out the Lewins Jewellers tape measure. Then, cut a horizontal slit along the dotted line. Position the tape measure around the circumference of your wrist, with the text facing outwards. Pass the end through the horizontal slit and pull until it’s not loose around your wrist. The interval, that lines up with the edge of the tape, is your wrist size in inches.

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