Jewellery Size Guide

There are many different varieties of earring designs, for you to choose from. Below we have created guides, to help you with your purchase.

the queen of earrings

The Classic Hoop

Hoops come in a variety of different sizes, from as small as 7mm, too as big as 70mm, and even larger. To give you a visual guide of where different size hoop earrings could fall from your ear, we have created a template showcasing a range of sizes from 10 to 60mm. Every earring is measured in millimetres, along the inside diameter of the hoop. 

Hoop Size Guide

Know Your Hoop

You can also download our free hoop size guide, to find out your desired hoop size at home. Print on A4 paper and scaled to 100%. You can check the document is printed to scale by measuring the 10cm line, once printed. 

To reveal your hoop size, place an existing hoop, on top of the circular templates. Once the circle matches, the inside of the hoop, you have found your desired hoop size. 


The Other Piercing Styles

The Lobe: for the classic wearer, allows you to wear different types of earrings; hoops, studs and drops. This is the softest part of the ear. The Upper Lobe: allows different types of earrings to be worn, just above the ear Lobe.

The Helix: this trendy piercing fits around the outer rim of your ear. The Helix can be worn from the end of your Lobe, all the way round to the Forward Helix. The Flat: this is the flat area of ear cartilage, between the Helix and the Rook

The Forward Helix: along the outer ring of the ear, next to the Helix. The Rook: is a vertical pierced design and resembles the rook chess piece. 

The Daith: found closest to the ear canal, at the end of the helix. The Conch: passes through the shell-shaped structure of the internal ear. The Tragus: found in front of the ear canal and connects to the face.